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Hi, my name is Hunter Schone and I am a researcher in the Plasticity Lab at University College London. My research focuses on better understanding the brain to find ways to help benefit rehabilitation strategies for amputees.

We are currently seeking individuals who are planning to undergo a hand/arm amputation to participate in an MRI research study in London.

First and foremost, I understand that this is already an incredibly difficult time in your life. Your clinical care and mental health are our first priority at this time. While this research study will have no direct benefit for you, your participation will be make a profound impact on helping increase our understanding of the brain to hopefully help future amputees undergoing an amputation.

Before the amputation

Participation in the study will involve scheduling a 2-day visit to London prior to the amputation. We can schedule this visit completely around your availability. All hotel/travel costs will be covered for you and a family member/care giver. Volunteers will be compensated £200 for this visit. During this visit, volunteers will participate in (1) simple assessments of your hand function, (2) complete several questionnaires and (3) two MRI brain scans. The first day will be a 3.5 hour session which will involve an MRI scan and completing some questionnaires. The second day will be a 4 hour session which will involve hand function assessments, questionnaires and the second MRI scan.

In addition to your participation, we want this visit to be an opportunity for you to speak with us about what post-amputation. We also want to connect you with some of the amputees we work with that would be willing to speak/meet to tell you about their experience. We've found this support is incredibly helpful!

After the amputation

After your amputation, we will invite you to return to London for a few more visits. The purpose of these visits is to track how your brain and behavior is changing. We will schedule these visits completely around your availability and overall wellbeing. Ideally, we are looking to schedule 3 visits after your amputation: (i) 3 months post-amputation, (ii) 6 months post-amputation and (iii) 12 months post-amputation. Each visit will involve an MRI brain scan and completing some questionnaires. Once again, all hotel/travel costs will be covered. Participants will be paid £200 for each visit.

Please respond below if you want more information about the study. We are more than happy to talk on the phone about the study and to better assess if you would be a good candidate. We hope you will consider this unique opportunity to help us increase our understanding about the brain.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hunter Schone

Currently living in Washington, D.C.

Thanks for submitting!

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