Neuroscience PhD Student
NIMH/NIH & University College London

I am a neuroscience PhD student between labs based at University College London and the National Institutes of Mental Health. The central goal of my research is to harness our understanding of the human body to promote successful human-machine interactions. 

Employing a combination of tools from brain imaging (fMRI), electromyography and behavioural assessments, I study the unique relationship individuals have with robotic limbs and tools. The ultimate question being: can we harness the neural resources supporting the body to support robotic limbs?

Advisors: Dr. Chris Baker (NIMH/NIH) & Professor Tamar Makin (UCL) 



Schone, H.R., Baker, C.I, Katz, J., Nikolajsen, L., Limakatso, K., Flor, H. and Makin, T.R. (2022). Making sense of phantom limb pain. [doi] [pdf]

Schone, H.R.,* Maimon-Mor, R.O.,* Baker, C.I., and Makin, T.R. (2021). Expert tool users show increased differentiation between visual representations of hands and tools. Journal of Neuroscience, 41 (13) 2980-2989. [data + stimuli] [doi] [pdf] [interview]

Maimon-Mor, R.O., Schone, H.R., Henderson-Slater, D., Faisal, A. and Makin, T.R. (2021). Early life experience sets hard limits on motor learning as evidenced from artificial arm use, eLife, 10: e66320. [data] [doi] [pdf]

Schone, H. R.*, Maimon-Mor, R. O.*, Moran, R., Brugger, P. and Makin, T. R. (2020). Motor control drives visual bodily judgements. Cognition, 196, 104120. [data + stimuli] [doi] [pdf]

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